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About Women's Hoodies & Sweatshirts

When we started out, it was our mission to make a high quality luxurious hoodie that would not only last a lifetime, but would compete with designer hoodies at a fraction of the cost. A good hoodie is a staple for everyone, so we wanted to make sure what we brought to the table was a product that wouldn't disappoint. After the success of the Women's Heavyweight Hoodie, we started designing into other styles, such as the lightweight hoodie, cropped hoodie and zip up hoodies.
It's exactly what it sounds like: A hooded sweatshirt made from the thickest cotton fleece we could find. We sourced a 500 gram jersey knit fleece that is meant to keep you warm while not feeling too bulky or hot. For added comfort, we then dye the complete garment to its preferred color, add an extra wash in enzymes to soften the fabric, then finish with silicone for that smooth luxurious feeling.
Fabric is typically weighed by square meter or yard. So that means the weight of one yard is roughly 1lb. Our hoodies are roughly 1.75 yards (depending on size) so you can expect the completed garment to weigh in around 2 lbs. Garment dye has many benefits but we think the most important is for shrinkage. These garments are washed numerous times to achieve the consistent cozy hand feel while taking out all shrinkage and fading so there are no nasty surprises after you wash.
We stand strongly behind constructing quality goods that last a lifetime. Our goods are manufactured using the highest grade fabrics and sewing details. With so much attention paid to the fabric, we made sure the garment was constructed with the same expectations. All seams are double stitched and reinforced to provide you with a staple that will last a lifetime.